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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Famous quotes collection from Yanni

Some of very inspiring quotes from the music legend Yanni

"Sometimes we get caught up in our troubles and our problems and we let life slip away, but life is precious, all of life, and one must try to take in as much of it as possible."

"My father once said, 'If the whole world wants to go left and you feel like going right, go right. You don't have to follow. You don't have to make a big deal about which way you're going. Just go. It's very easy'."

"The less you want, the richer you are. The more you need in order to be happy, the more miserable you'll be."

"My father taught me that one of the most important abilities in life is to be able to take the pain and persevere, and for years this lesson had served me well."

"The most important battle is one to conquer yourself."

"I don't want problems solved for me. I want the fishing rod, not the fish."

"Creativity is an inherent quality of highest order. When we create, we become more than the sum of our parts."

"My goal is to connect with people emotionally. I take life's experiences and translate them into music -- music that hopefully creates an impact on the listener."

"I believe that having an open mind is one of the most important qualities we can possess. Once our minds close, we stop evolving."

"As I understand life at different levels, I can use music to express what these levels feel like to me. Hopefully the listener can be transported to this understanding by listening to the music."